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compile_object  - serves as the mudlib interface for the virtual object


object compile_object( string pathname );


The driver  calls  compile_object(3)  in  the  event  that  the  mudlib
instructs  the driver to load a file that does not exist.  For example,
the driver will call compile_object("/obj/file.r")  in  master  if  the
mudlib     calls    call_other("/obj/file.r",    "some_function")    or
new("/obj/file.r") and /obj/file.r.c names a file that does not  exist.
The  compile_object()  function  is  expected to return 0 if the mudlib
does not wish to associate an object with the file name  "/obj/file.r".
If  the  mudlib  does  wish  to  associate  an object with the filename
"/obj/file.r", then the mudlib should return the object it wishes asso‐
ciated.  After an association is made between an object and a filename,
then it will be as if the file, file.r.c, did exist (to the driver) and
when loaded produced the object that compile_object() returned.