creator_file - specifies the uid to give to a newly created object


string creator_file(string filename);


The  creator_file() function is called in the master object each time a
new object is created.  The 'filename' of the object is passed  as  the
sole  parameter,  and  the string that creator_file() returns is set as
the new object's uid.  If the AUTO_SETEUID option is  enabled  at  com‐
pile-time of the driver, it is also set as the new object's euid.

One exception: if the AUTO_TRUST_BACKBONE option is enabled at compile-
time of the driver, and creator_file() returns  the  backbone  uid  (as
specified  by  get_bb_uid()  in the master object), the object is given
the uid and euid of the object that loaded it.


seteuid(3), new(3), clone_object(3), call_other(3)