get_include_path - decide include path based on object


mixed get_include_path( string object_path );


When  the  driver  starts to compile a new object this apply is used to
determine what directories are to be searched for  include  files.   In
contrast  to the static run time configuration option 'include directo‐
ries' this allows for a dynamic approach based on the storage place.

The argument to this apply is the absolute path of  the  object  to  be
compiled, return value is an array of strings with it's elements either
the absolute path to the desired include  directories  or  the  special
string ":DEFAULT:" which will be replaced be the include path as set by
the runtime configuration of the driver.


string *get_include_path(string file) {
    string *t = explode(file, "/");
    if(t[1] == "Domain")    // Domains have their own include directory
        return ({ "/Domain/" + t[2] + "/include", ":DEFAULT:" });
    else                    // use default for others
        return ({ ":DEFAULT:" }); }