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valid_socket - protects the socket efunctions.


int valid_socket( object caller, string function,
                  mixed *info );


Each  of the socket efunctions calls valid_socket() prior to executing.
If valid_socket  returns  0,  then  the  socket  efunction  fails.   If
valid_socket  returns 1, then the socket efunction attempts to succeed.
The first argument 'caller' is the object that called the socket efunc‐
tion.   The second argument is the name of the socket efunction that is
being called (e.g. socket_write() or socket_bind()).  The  third  argu‐
ment  is an array of information.  The first element of the array (when
applicable) is file descriptor being referenced.  The second element of
the  array  is  the owner of the socket (object).  The third element of
the array is the address (string) of the remote end of the socket.  The
fourth  element  of  the  array  is the port number associated with the