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clean_up - periodically called in inactive objects


int clean_up( int inherited );


The  clean_up()  function is called by the driver on a regular basis in
all objects  that  have  been  inactive  for  the  time  specified  for
clean_up()  in  the  runtime configuration file.  One flag is passed to
the function, specifying whether or not the object has been  inheritted
by anything. The inherited passed as argument will be 0 for clone objects,
1 for a simple loaded object, and greater when the object is cloned or 
inherited by some existing object. It is recommended not to self_destruct 
the object when the reference count is greater than one.

If clean_up() returns 0, clean_up() will never be called
again on that object.  If it returns 1, it will be  called  again  when
the object remains inactive for the specified clean_up() delay.

One  thing that might be commonly done by an object in this function is
destructing itself to conserve memory.