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move_or_destruct - ask an object to move to the specified destination


void move_or_destruct( object dest );


When an object is destructed, prior to its destruction, this apply will be
called on all objects in its inventory. 'dest' will be the environment of
the object being destructed. target object of this apply does not move
itself out of the object being destructed, it will be destructed as well.


For example, if you have a room, and in it an object (ob1) which contains
another object (ob2), and a further object (ob3), and you destruct the
room, then the following will happen:

Deep Scanning: OBJ(/d/sable/sable/rooms/ww2) EUID(Sable) UID(Sable)
1:  OBJ(/u/g/gesslar/ob1#1481) EUID(gesslar) UID(gesslar)
  1:  OBJ(/u/g/gesslar/ob2#1482) EUID(gesslar) UID(gesslar)
    1:  OBJ(/u/g/gesslar/ob3#1483) EUID(gesslar) UID(gesslar)

2023/09/24 04:02:45 move_or_destruct() called on ob1.c, value of dest is 0
2023/09/24 04:02:45 move_or_destruct() called on ob2.c, value of dest is /d/sable/sable/rooms/ww2
2023/09/24 04:02:45 move_or_destruct() called on ob3.c, value of dest is /u/g/gesslar/ob1#1481


destruct(3), move_object(3), init(4)