filter_array() - return a selective sub-array


mixed *filter_array( mixed *arr, string fun, object ob,
                     mixed extra, ... );
mixed *filter_array( mixed *arr, function f, mixed extra, ...);


filter_array() returns an array holding the items of <arr> which passed
sucessfully through the function <fun> found in object <ob>.  The func‐
tion  <fun>  is  called  for each element in <arr> with that element as
parameter.  The second parameter <extra> and following  parameters  are
sent  in  each  call  if given.  An object is considered to have passed
sucessfully through <fun> (and hence is included in the  return  array)
if  <fun>  returns  1.  If f is passed it is used instead of ob->fun().
If <arr> is not an array, then 0 will be returned.


sort_array(3), map_array(3)