map_array() - modify an array of elements via application of a function


mixed *map_array( mixed *arr, string fun, object ob,
                  mixed extra, ... );
mixed *map_array( mixed *arr, function f, mixed extra, ... );


Returns  an  array  holding  the  items  of 'arr' mapped through either
'ob->fun()' or 'f'.  The function is called for each element  in  'arr'
with that element as a parameter. A second parameter 'extra' is sent in
each call if given.  Principal function:

    foreach (index) arr[index] = ob->fun(arr[index],extra);

The value returned by 'ob->fun(arr[.index.], extra)' replaces the existing
element in the array. If 'arr' is not an array, then 0 will be returned.


filter_array(3), sort_array(3), map(3)
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