async_getdir() - returns information pertaining to a filesystem directory


void async_getdir( string dir, function callback );


If  'dir' is a filename ('*' and '?' wildcards are supported), an array
of strings is returned to the callback containing all filenames that match
the specification. If 'dir' is a directory name (ending with a slash--ie:
"/u/", "/adm/", etc), all filenames in that directory are returned.

Unlike the get_dir routine, this efun does not take an integer second
argument to specify more information (filename, filesize, last touched).

The callback should follow this format:

    function(mixed res) {
        // 0 when directory doesn't exist
        // empty array when no matching files exist
        // array of matching filenames


file_size(3), get_dir(3), stat(3), time(3)