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call_other() - call a function in another object


unknown call_other( object ob | object *obs,
string func | mixed *args, ... );


Calls  a  function in another object, with [optional] argument(s).  The
return value is returned from the other object, so it cannot  be  known
at  compile  time  and may need to be cast if using type checking.  The
function named 1, 2, etc to 'func' in 'ob'.  call_other will return the
return  value  of  the  call will be done in all elements of that array
(all elements should be of type object), and an array of  returns  will
be  returned.   If argument 2 is an array instead of a string, then the
first element in the array should be a string, the  function  to  call,
and all other elements will be passed to the function in the order they
appear in the array.

There is a much more attractive way to do call_others:

object ob | object *obs -> func ( ... );


call_other(ob, "query", "name");

could be written as:


Using an array as second argument, the same call could be written:

call_other(ob, ({ "query", "name" }));

An example of using an array as the first argument: