event() - call event_* in other objects with specified parameters. similar
to call_other, but with no return type.


void event(object | object * target, string event_name, mixed *args..);


Calls "event_" + event_name in target. 

Target can be a single object or an array of objects.

If the target is a single object, the event efun will first call the event
function in the object and then it will call the event function all of the
objects in the target's all_inventory().

If the target is an array of objects, the event efun will call the event
function in all of the objects specified. Unlike the single-target version,
it will not cascade to each of the object's inventories.

The efun will pass as its first argument the calling object followed by
all of the specified arguments.


// In a room

// will call event_heal_up on the room, and then every object in the room
event( this_object(), "heal_up", 50, 50 ) ; 

// will call event_heal_up in the results of users() efun
event( users(), "heal_up", 25, 25 ) ;

// In a player object

// To take advantage of this event, write an event_heal_up in the player
// object to receive the call
void event_heal_up(object source, int health, int mana)
    message("heal", sprintf("You were healed %d health and %d mana by %O.\n", health, mana, source), this_object()) ;