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get_dir() - returns information pertaining to a filesystem directory


mixed *get_dir( string dir, int default: 0 );


If  'dir' is a filename ('*' and '?' wildcards are supported), an array
of strings is returned containing all filenames that match the specifi‐
cation.   If 'dir' is a directory name (ending with a slash--ie: "/u/",
"/adm/", etc), all filenames in that directory are returned.

If called with a second argument equal to -1, get_dir  will  return  an
array of subarrays, where the format of each subarray is:

      ({ filename, size_of_file, last_time_file_touched })

Where  filename  is  a  string and last_time_file_touched is an integer
being number of seconds since January 1, 1970 (same format as time(3)).
The  size_of_file  element  is  the  same  value  that  is  returned by
file_size(3); the size of the file in bytes, or -2 if it's a directory.


file_size(3), stat(3), time(3), async_getdir(3)