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bind() - change the owner of a function pointer


function bind(function f, object ob)


Returns  a  function pointer that is exactly the same as f, but belongs
to the object 'ob' instead of the object that created f.  Useful if the
creator  of 'f' has been destructed, or f is an efun pointer to an efun
which does something to 'this_object'.

For example:

void make_living(object ob) {
   function f;

   f = bind( (: enable_commands :), ob );

   evaluate(f); }

The effect of the above is the same as if 'ob' itself had evaluated the
enable_commands() efun.  Note that there are security risks involved in
this, as bind() allows you to force another object to run  a  piece  of
code.   To  protect  against this, there is a valid_bind() master apply
which must return 1 or the call to bind() will fail.