enable_commands() - allow object to use 'player' commands


  void enable_commands( void );

Since FluffOS 3.0-alpha7.1:
  void enable_commands( int setup_actions = 0 );


enable_commands() marks this_object() as a living object, and allows it
to use commands added with add_action()  (by  using  command()).   When
enable_commands()  is called, the driver also looks for the local func‐
tion catch_tell(), and if found, it will call it every time  a  message
(via say() for example) is given to the object.

Since  FluffOS  3.0-alpha7: This function now accept int, default to 0.
which has same meaning of old form.  which merely re-enables  commands,
but  don't  setup actions. (it should have been cleared when previously
called disable_commands())

When setup_actions > 0, Driver will re-setup all the actions by calling
init()  on  its  environment,  sibling  and inventory objects. (in that


Do not call this function in any other place than create()  or  strange
things will likely occur.


this_object(3),  living(3),  add_action(3),  command(3), catch_tell(4),
say(3), create(4)
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