exec()  - switches a player (interactive) connection from one object to


int exec( object to, object from );


This efunction allows the interactive link to  a  given  object  to  be
migrated to another object.  That is, after a successful exec(to, from)
call, interactive(to) will return 1 and interactive(from)  will  return
0.   The player that was controlling 'from' will begin controlling 'to'
following the exec() call.  Note that this is a powerful  function  and
its use must be restricted if you wish to attempt to have a secure mud.
The proper way to restrict the use of exec() is to make a simul_efun of
the  same  name and then use valid_override(4) to restrict the use of a
simul_efun override (i.e. efun::exec()).  The exec() function returns 1
if the switch is successful (and 0 otherwise).


interactive(3), valid_override(4)