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get_char  -  causes  next  character of input to be sent to a specified


varargs void get_char( string | function fun, int flag, ... );


Enable next character of user input to be sent to the function 'fun' as
an argument. The input character will not be parsed by the driver.

Note  that get_char is non-blocking which means that the object calling
get_char does not pause waiting for input.  Instead the object  contin‐
ues  to  execute  any statements following the get_char.  The specified
function 'fun' will not be called until the user input  has  been  col‐

If  "get_char()"  is  called more than once in the same execution, only
the first call has any effect.

If optional argument 'flag' is non-zero, the char given by  the  player
will not be echoed, and is not seen if snooped (this is useful for col‐
lecting passwords).

The function 'fun' will be called with the  user  input  as  its  first
argument (a string). Any additional arguments supplied to get_char will
be passed on to 'fun' as arguments following the user input.


Please note that get_char has a significant bug in MudOS 0.9  and  ear‐
lier.  On many systems with poor telnet negotiation (read: almost every
major workstation on the market), get_char makes screen  output  behave
strangely.   It  is  not  recommended  for  common usage throughout the
mudlib until that bug is fixed.  (It is currently only  known  to  work
well for users connecting from NeXT computers.)


call_other(3), call_out(3), input_to(3)