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message() - deliver messages to "living" objects


void message( mixed class, string message, mixed target,
              mixed exclude );


message()  calls  receive_message(mixed  class,  string message) in all
objects in the target list excluding those in the  exclude  list.  This
basically tells the object the message.

Class  is  the  type of message (used for clients and such). An example
would be 'combat', 'shout', 'emergency' etc.

Message is a string containing the text to send.

Target is a list of objects to be sent the message. This can be  either
a single object string or object pointer, or may be an array of either.
If a target is non-living all objects in its environment  will  receive
the message.

Exclude  is a list of objects that should not receive the message. This
can either be one object or an array of objects.


say(3), write(3), shout(3), tell_object(3), tell_room(3)