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say() - send a message to all users in the same environment


varargs void say( string str, object obj );


Sends  a message to the environment of the originator, all items in the
same environment, and all items inside of the originator.  The origina‐
tor  is  this_player(),  unless  this_player() == 0, in which case, the
originator is this_object().

The second argument is optional.  If second argument  'obj'  is  speci‐
fied,  the  message  is  sent  to all except 'obj'.  If 'obj' is not an
object, but an array of objects, all those objects  are  excluded  from
receiving the message.

This efun does not invoke the receive_message() apply, so you may wish to
override this efun if you wish it to be captured by this apply.


message(3), write(3), shout(3), tell_object(3), tell_room(3)