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this_player - the current player object


object this_player( int flag: 0 );
object this_user( int flag: 0 );
object this_interactive( int flag: 1 );


Return the object representing the player that caused the calling func‐
tion to be called.  Note that  this_player()  may  return  a  different
value  than this_object() even when called from within a player object.
If this_player is called as this_player(1) then the returned value will
be  the  interactive  that  caused  the  calling function to be called.
this_player(1) may return a different value than this_player() in  cer‐
tain  cases  (such  as  when  command()  is used by an admin to force a
player to perform some command).

`this_user`  and  `this_interactive` are aliases for `this_player` with
different default flags.


this_object(3), this_user(3), this_interactive(3), set_this_player(3)