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domain_stats() - returns statistics gathered on domains
author_stats() - returns statistics gathered on authors


mapping domain_stats( string domain | void );
mapping author_stats( string domain | void );


Both  domain_stats()  and author_stats() return information stored in a
mapping.  If no argument is specified, then information is returned  on
all  domains  (or  on  all  authors)  with  one map entry per domain or
author.  If an argument is specified, then a map is returned that  cor‐
responds  to  that  domain  or  author  with keys: moves, cost, errors,
heart_beats, worth, array_size, and objects.   Each  of  these  map  to
integer  values.   Moves  is the number of objects that have moved into
objects in the  given  domain.   Cost  is  the  number  of  evaluations
(eval_cost)  accumulated  by objects with the given domain (or author).
Errors is the number of errors  incurred  by  objects  with  the  given
domain.   Heart_beats  is the number of heartbeat calls made on objects
having the  given  domain.   Worth  is  the  value  maintained  by  the
add_worth(3)  efunction (this is usually used to keep track of how much
money a given wizard has given out vs. taken in).   Array_size  is  the
size  (in bytes) of the arrays allocated by the domain.  Objects is the
number of objects created by the given domain.   When  called  with  no
arguments, the returned mapping has a form like this:

    ([ domain0 : info0, domain1 : info1, ... ])

while info0 has the form:

    ([ "moves" : moves, "cost" : cost, "errors" : errors,
       "heart_beats" : heart_beats, "worth" : worth,
       "array_size" : array_size, "objects" : objects ])

When  called  with an argument, the returned mapping will have the form
of info0.


domain_file(4), author_file(4), set_author(3)