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set_author - set the author associated with an object.


void set_author( string author );


Every object has both an author and a domain associated with it for the
purposes of tracking statistics for authors and domains.   Domains  may
only  be  set  in  the  master  object function domain_file(4), however
authors are different.  They can be initialized to some  default  value
by  author_file(4)  in the master object, but can also be changed using
the set_author efun.

set_author changes the author of the object that it is  called  within.
That  author will get credit for all future actions of that object that
affect mudlib statistics.  Note that this may cause some weird  numbers
to occur in the categories "objects" and "array_size", since the object
may have initialized arrays or been created under the original author's
credit,  but  it could be destructed or free the arrays that it's using
under another author, thus reducing numbers from a  count  that  didn't
have  those  same  numbers added previously.  To rememdy this, only use
set_author within create(4), and use it before any arrays are allocated
if at all possible.


author_file(4),    domain_file(4),    author_stats(3),   set_author(3),