process_string() - give a string with replaced calldescriptions


string process_string( string combinestring );


Processes  a  string by replacing specific syntactic patterns with what
is returned when the pattern is interpreted as a function call descrip‐

The syntactic patterns are on the form:


This is interpreted as a call:

       filename->function(arg1, arg2, ....., argN)

Note  that  process_string  does  not recurse over returned replacement
values. If a function returns another syntactic pattern, that  descrip‐
tion will not be replaced.

All  such  occurrences  in 'combinestring' is processed and replaced if
the return value is a string. If the return value is not a  string  the
pattern will remain unreplaced.

Note that both object and arguments are marked optional with the brack‐
ets and that the brackets are not included in the actual pattern.




This is usually used to support 'value by function call' in the mudlib.
It  is  wise  to  set  the  effuserid  of  the object to 0 before using
process_value as any function in any object can be called  with  almost
any arguments.


A string:
    "You are chased by @@query_the_name:/obj/monster#123@@ eastward."

is replaced by:
    "You are chased by the orc eastward."

Assuming that query_the_name in monster#123 returns "the orc".