socket_write() - send a message from a socket


#include <socket_err.h>

int socket_write( int s, mixed message,
                  void | string address );


socket_write()  sends  a  message  on a socket s. If the socket s is of
type STREAM or MUD, the  socket  must  already  be  connected  and  the
address  is  not  specified.  If  the  socket  is of type DATAGRAM, the
address must be specified.  The address is of the form: " 23".


socket_write() returns:

    EESUCCESS on success.

    a negative value indicated below on error.


EEFDRANGE      Descriptor out of range.

EEBADF         Descriptor is invalid.

EESECURITY     Security violation attempted.

EENOADDR       Socket not bound to an address.

EEBADADDR      Problem with address format.

EENOTCONN      Socket not connected.

EEALREADY      Operation already in progress.

EETYPENOTSUPP  Object type not supported.

EEBADDATA      Sending data with too many nested levels.

EESENDTO       Problem with sendto.

EEMODENOTSUPP  Socket mode not supported.

EEWOULDBLOCK   Operation would block.

EESEND         Problem with send.

EECALLBACK     Wait for callback.


socket_connect(3), socket_create(3)
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