break_string() - break a string at regular intervals


string break_string( string str | int foobar, int len,
                     void | int indent | string indent );


This  function  breaks  a  continous  string  without newlines into a a
string with newlines inserted at every 'len':th character.

If 'indent' is defined and is given as an integer, 'indent'  number  of
spaces  are  inserted after every newline. If 'indent' is a string that
string is inserted before every newline.

If the first argument is an integer, the function simply returns 0.


break_string() is *not* context sensitive.  It does not take account of
periods '.' and new-lines '\n'.  This means that the result is not nec‐
essarily what you would expect.  My experience is that you  should  use
one  space  after  a period and do not embed new-lines in the text, but
append them to the result of break_string().  If this format  does  not
meet  your  tastes  you  may  find  break_string() to be inadequate.  A
future revision of break_string()  may  allow  different  line-breaking
semantics.  (Cygnus)


implode(3), explode(3), sprintf(3)
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