localtime() - convert to local time


#include <localtime.h>

mixed *localtime( int time );


localtime() converts a time value (as returned by time()) into an array
of values which represents the time locally.  In the  past  time()  was
used to get the time in GMT (UTC), and then local definitions were used
to determine the local offset from GMT.  This roundabout approach is no
longer  necessary.  localtime() returns the seconds, minutes and hours,
the day, month and year, day of the week, day of the year, the name  of
the  local  timezone and how far the MUD is from GMT.  This information
is retrieved directly from the operating system and made  available  to
the driver without the use of MUD-specific configuration files.

localtime()  returns  an  array  containing the values specified above.
The index for each value is defined symbolically in  localtime.h.   The
following table summarizes the array returned by localtime().

     int  LT_SEC         Seconds after the minute (0..59)
     int  LT_MIN         Minutes after the hour (0..59)
     int  LT_HOUR        Hour since midnight (0..23)
     int  LT_MDAY        Day of the month (1..31)
     int  LT_MON         Months since January (0..11)
     int  LT_YEAR        Year (guarenteed to be >= 1900)
     int  LT_WDAY        Days since Sunday (0..6)
     int  LT_YDAY        Days since January 1 (0..365)
     int  LT_GMTOFF Seconds after GMT (UTC)
     string    LT_ZONE        Timezone name


ctime(3), time(3), time_expression(3), uptime(3), /include/localtime.h