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  • The LPC function (or method):

The LPC function is similar but not identical to that provided by C (it is most similar to that provided by ANSI C). The syntax is as follows:

return_type function_name(arg1_type arg1, arg2_type arg2, …) { variable_declarations; …;

return var0;


Note that var0 must be of return_type.

If a function doesn’t need to return a value, then it should be declared with a return_type of “void”. E.g.

void function_name(arg1_type arg1, …) { statements; …; }

Invoke a function as follows:

function_name(arg1, arg2, arg3, …);

You may invoke a function in another object as follows:

object->function_name(arg1, arg2, arg3, …);


call_other(object, function_name, arg1, arg2, …);