The LPC while loop:

LPC’s while loop is identical to that provided by C. Syntax is as follows:

while (expression)

where statement may be replaced by a block of statements delimited by matching curly brackets. For example:

while (expression) {

The statements inside the body of the while loop will be executed repeatedly for as long as the test expression evaluates to non-zero. If the test expression is zero just prior to the execution of the loop, then the body of the loop will not be executed. A ‘break;’ statement in the body of the loop will terminate the loop (skipping any statements in the loop that remain to be executed). A ‘continue;’ statement in the body of the loop will continue the execution from the beginning of the loop (skipping the remainder of the statements in the loop for the current iteration).

int test(int limit)
    int total = 0;
    int j = 0;
    while (j < limit) {
        if ((j % 2) != 0)
            total += j;
    return total;

The results of this code fragment will be to sum all of the even numbers from 0 to to limit - 1.