element_of_weighted() - returns a random property from a mapping weighted by its value.


mixed element_of_weighted( mapping )


The intent of this function is to provide a means of random selection
of properties which are weighted to provide for most likely and
least likely outcomes. Elements with values of higher numbers are
more heavily weighted and therefore more likely to be returned from
the randomization process.

This function accepts a mapping in the form of ([ mixed property : int weight ]).
A weight of 0 will never be chosen. Weights do not need to be in percentages,
although some find it easier to conceptualize it that way.


mapping colors = ([ "red" : 50, "green" : 25, "blue" : 25 ]);
string result = element_weighted( colors );
// High chance of "red" being returned while lower, and equal chances
// of green and blue being returned.